House of Wyrd is a collection of all my passion projects including my paranormal research, podcast interviews, historical studies, cemetery preservation work, and my spirituality. It is my sincere hope that you will find something that you can apply to your own path!

Latest from the Blog

Strange Skies – 1910

In the first part of the Twentieth Century, air travel was extremely limited. The Wright Brothers of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina had their first flight a mere seven years earlier. At the beginning of the second decade of the century, a strange set of events plagued East Tennessee. On January 13th, the Chattanooga Times hadContinue reading “Strange Skies – 1910”

Stranges Things

In our final part, we look at the man behind the legend of Valiant Thor and ask “Was this all just about Evangelism?”

Byrds of a Feather?

In Part 2 of the Valiant Thor exploration, we look at Dr. Harley A. Byrd and his introduction to the book “Stranger at the Pentagon”.

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